My name is Jody Whelden.  I am so pleased you are visiting.

Fall 2019

“The heart’s wisdom is the outpost to the world. The heart registers each moment, integrates needs and knows the direction of next steps. You are the round-trip bridge between you and Source. Blessings for the journey.”

Greetings! Thanks for visiting. Here is my Fall update…

NON-FICTION – I am revising my Heart-Wisdom, Spirituality and Illness (aka Spirituality of Illness book).

FICTION: I have 40 “skeleton” chapters for my coming-of-age novel. They are 1500-2000 words of basic dialogue and narration to help me get set up for deeper revision work. As a first time novelist it is helping me integrate my self-study of last two years of how to write a novel.

OTHER: I post in my blog, here, occasionally. I put my art up for sale on cards on Zazzle – see below. On request, I speak on 21st Century Spirituality. I love being an officiant for weddings and memorial services. See menu for the contact sheet to get a message to me.

Find your freedom and create! The universe needs your vision made real as much as you need the sustenance of the universe.

Blessings,  Jody                                                             09/2019 Wisconsin

We are One.  JDW   Series 2019      Use contact sheet to inquire about cards.

 Now doing WEDDINGS and


Spiritual but not Religious.  

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BOOK Update: Fall 2019

Fiction –

Coming of Age Novel set on NH Seacoast: ready in a year or two.

Non-Fiction –

NEW TITLE AND FOCUS – Heart-Wisdom, Spirituality and Wellness: Stories from a Hospital Chaplain

I have realized I am more interested in wellness than illness.  So, my book – Spirituality of Illness: A Heart/Intuitive Centered Approach is has a new title:  Heart-Wisdom, Spirituality and Wellness: Stories of a Hospital Chaplain. This means revisions!  I hope it will morph into something publishable in a year.



Go to https://zazzle.com/jodywheldenart to purchase cards, mugs, shirts and stamps with my original designs!

Love, Jody

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Be in touch for speaking on: 

21st Century Spirituality

“Jody’s message is so clear and affirming–and her group work helps you feel the message in a way beyond words.” Rev. Dr. Tony Larsen, Senior Pastor Emeritus, Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church, Racine, WI

“Love learning from you Jody!  It is good for my heart and my head in my personal and professional life.”  Sally B., Hospital Chaplain

“You have proven yourself a speaker of great insight and wisdom.  Your vast experience and professional training coupled with your innate ability to engage an audience made for a very satisfying experience.  It was obvious from the questions that came after your talk that your ideas resonated with many, stimulating a lively discussion.” Dennis N, Hospital Chaplain

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