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21st Century Spirituality Topics   

Heart-centered living, intuitive living, Spirituality of Illness book & topics,  illness and wellness, Stopping By the Side of the Road: A Tale About Dying book & topics, the world is falling together topics, transformation of limiting thoughts to higher consciousness for living, etc.

I most love to come and do a short didactic on topic of your choice for 21st Century Spirituality and then do questions and answers and have conversation. I usually do of 40-90 minutes.

To request a speaking appearance please send an email to and include the following:

  1. Date and time
  2. Length of talk and format
  3. Topics to cover
  4. Name of organization and event
  5. Venue with address
  6. Expected size of audience
  7. Opportunity to sell books
  8. Other relevant details concerning the event
  9. The honorarium being offered

“Jody’s message is so clear and affirming–and her group work helps you feel the message in a way beyond words.” Rev. Dr. Tony Larsen, Senior Pastor, Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church, Racine, WI

“Love learning from you Jody!  It is good for my heart and my head in my personal and professional life.”  Sally B., Hospital Chaplain

“You have proven yourself a speaker of great insight and wisdom.  Your vast experience and professional training coupled with your innate ability to engage an audience made for a very satisfying experience.  It was obvious from the questions that came after your talk that your ideas resonated with many, stimulating a lively discussion.” Dennis N, Hospital Chaplain