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269-pink-bush-and-treeFirst, I am so grateful to be here with you. My happiest moments – that is where I am relaxed, smiling and enjoying myself and others – are like a necklace I want to string together, bead next to bead. That is my goal for my time together with you. That we are happy and enthusiastically engaged, at the same time.

One of my favorite healing stories is the one about the girl with her grandfather. They had gone for a walk in the countryside. They crested a hill and looked out onto the valley. In the valley, there was a beautiful unicorn grazing. She had iridescent colors shining and flowing over her whole body and spiraling around the horn on her forehead. Her mane and tail were lightly lifted in the light breeze.

The child looked at her grandfather and said, “But, Grandfather, at school they told me there were no such things as unicoms!”

And her grandfather said, “Ah, and now you are at one of the most important moments in a person’s life. Do you believe them, or, yourself?”

At that moment, the unicorn looked up and saw them. The child thought she saw the unicorn wink at her, and then the great creature was gone.

When growing up we are given many things to believe in and ways to define ourselves. We keep some of them and we release some of them. We find new ones to integrate, and we create original ones. The origins of development and self-development go back as far as our birth, perhaps back as far as past lives, and are present as quickly as only a moment ago by the choices we make.

Believing in the unicorn moments seems like a huge leap. But, it isn’t really. Every moment all the answers you want are right there with you. They are right there – winking at you. They are just a few degrees away from where you are looking. It is like the time I lost one of my favorite winter gloves. I had spent a lot of money to get gloves I liked and I had lost one of them. I went back to the building where I had just taught a workshop and they had not found it. I searched all around my home and could not find it. I searched for days. I gave up and ordered new gloves. Two months later I was in my bathroom closet and there, on the floor, right next to the stored rags and occasional cleaning items, was the lost glove! I could not believe it. It had been right there all along. I had looked around it, walked past it, simply not seen it for weeks. I could not believe it — but, there was the proof!

This is how the answers are. They are right there – just a breath away – very close to you. But, you must believe in them and act on them. It is believing in what we see, feeling the images and hearing the impulses that we receive and, then, following them. It sounds simple, but it is not so easy, as we all know. We must fall into our fear, knowing the fear will bring us a tailwind which will speed us on our way and, then, trusting we can fly, not be destroyed. It takes practice — but, it is right there over the crest of the hill, waiting for us to come and enjoy the beautiful meadow.