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October 2017 Podcast on the Heart as Society’s Rudder

The spiritual-heart essence of humanity is often excluded from the world discussion on our problems today. This is a grave error. Historically this essence has been expressed though the religions of the world.  Also, in modern days the conduit for this aspect of human life comes though the consciousness movement, unity body practices like yoga and tai-chi, noetic sciences and holistic medicine and healing.  Without factoring in this spiritual-heart aspect of being  human, society will certainly corrode. It will be without a rudder to steer through the rough waters. Why? Because the human society without an emphasis on the essence of being human – the spirit-heart – will collapse into itself. Society cannot exist without the core capacity of being human, reflected through the human heart, any more that the solar system can exist without gravity.

See my discussion on this idea and many others on this podcast with Prashant Noel of – New Thought Website.  Recorded August 2017.

Art from Wonder Woman movie, 2017 – great message on why humanity is worth saving and claiming our power.