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Sharing a Dream in the New Year

Putting away my holiday items now, and these things are on my library buffet for packing away. New this year is the Peace, Joy & Love mug from my thoughtful brother-in-law.
I am reminded of a line from Downton Abbey, spoken by Sybil, youngest daughter of Lord Crawley. Secretly, Sybil is helping Gwen, one of the maids, to Gwen’s dream of leaving service behind and procuring an office job. (This takes place in England, before women had the vote.) Gwen is discouarged as her first two applications have been turned down, and as a member of the working classes, she has rarely seen her family actually reach their dreams.
   Sybil says, “You mustn’t be discouraged, Gwen. Your dream is my dream now – we’ll make it come true.”
And so it is true, we share each other’s dreams for Peace, Joy & Love. We can make them come true, together. Happy New Year.