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EMBRACING CHAOS: A Tool for Spiritual Courage in the 21st Century, January 2016

EMBRACING EARTH Embrace the “chaos” of today’s world.  Consider that it is not a problem or mistake , but that things are exactly as they must be. It is a time for shedding the old ways and finding the new ones. The new ways are grounded in trusting our heart’s capacity for love, our body’s intuition and living in a high state of consciousness.

I want to come speak with your group about embracing these ideas –  especially especially non-profit and profit businesses and professional groups who think of themselves as serving others  – “the lovers” of the world and its people.  I can present historic/scientific/spiritual analysis of a. what is going on, b. what is right about what appears to be “wrong”,  c. how to embrace it, and d. strategies for next steps – from the heart, the body and high consciousness.

For myself, I have concluded that our current chapter of “chaos” began when the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. Really, it was dropped on us all.  We know that the problems that came from the use of nuclear energy for war cannot be solved at the level of reason – we have tried for decades. That act ended the age of reason.

Each of us has the solution – it is called the human heart.  Embrace the chaos. Trust your heart, your intuition’s communication and risk living your message.  We need your piece/peace to create the next evolutionary leap of consciousness for the world.


Love, Jody