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THE MANDALA: Knowing yourself from the wisdom within

5-6-14-dolphin-storytelling-mandala-photo-34-copyDrawing out your inner wisdom can be enhanced by creating a mandala.  Mandalas are an ancient art form.  A mandala is a circle picture.  You can have one of many intentions for the mandala; it is up to you.  You can ask a specific question about your life.  You can decide to do a mandala for the good of the earth.  You can do a mandala as a birthday gift to someone.  The pictures can be abstract, or,  specific.  They may divide into sections, like the one I did, below.  Or, they may have no sections.  Most often,  the circle is filled, and sometimes the art work spills over.  To do one, put out a piece of unlined paper (any size), get drawings materials – from one pencil to a table full of paints and brushes.  Set the intention for the mandala in your mind and wait for the images to emerge.  You may see pictures in your mind, or you may start drawing from feelings you are having, or words you are hearing.  There may not be specific images at all, and instead swashes of color, words and feelings may fill you and then be drawn.  Trust what comes.  It comes from the wisdom within you.  I did this mandala in response to my question, “How can I use my talents?”

Understanding it is up to me.  The dolphin, the coral reef, the storyteller and the abstract all bring me thoughts and possibilities which will sort themselves, consciously, in the days ahead.  I will meditate on the mandala and let the answers come.