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A Bookmark to The Matrix (1999-The Wachowskis)…Morpheus Speaks

The Matrix  (1999)  is my all time favorite theological movie.  It helps us to wake up and act.   

Neo (Keanu Reeves) has just accomplished an amazing, super human feat proving he is “THE ONE”.  Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), the rebel leader, has searched for the person who was predicted would save humanity, and when he found Neo he knew he had found “THE ONE”. Others have been unsure and Neo has decided he is not “THE ONE”, especially since the Oracle (Gloria Foster) told him he wasn’t.  She said, “You have the gift, kid. But, no, you aren’t  … I don’t know what you are waiting for — maybe the next lifetime.”  Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss), woman super fighter/computer whiz and next in command to Morpheus, is one of the people Neo has just rescued. (She is in love with Neo of course – who wouldn’t be??)  The scene is on top of a building — Morpheus, Neo and Trinity are there.

MORPHEUS: “Now do you believe, Trinity?”

TRINITY: barely perceptible nod, face filled with tribute for Neo.

NEO: “But, the Oracle said, I wasn’t…”

MORPHEUS: “The Oracle told you just what you needed to hear, Neo.  No more…no less.  What you are now learning is that there is a difference between “talking the talk” and “walking the walk.”


Where in your life are you just “talking the talk”?

How do you begin to truly begin “walking the walk”?

If not now, when?