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Weddings and Memorial/Celebration Services

I am now officiating at weddings and memorial/celebration of life services.  I do a spiritual-but-not-religious approach to both ceremonies , designing the service to reflect you. I have done these rites of passage for 18 years, and love doing them. This includes everything you need from an officiant for pre-marriage counseling to designing a memorial service most reflecting your loved one. Please contact me on the contact sheet on this website. SAMPLES Welcome to guests at a wedding:
Friends and family, We are gathered here to witness ____________ join themselves in marriage. And, it is fitting and appropriate that you, their parents, family and friends are here to witness and participate in their wedding. For, the ideals and understanding and respect they have for each other have some of their roots in the love and friendship you’ve all given them. Marriage makes us aware of the changes brought about by time, but, their new relationship will continue to draw much of its beauty and meaning from their associations with you into the future.
Welcome to guests at a Memorial/Celebration of Life Service Good morning, and thank you for coming to this memorial service for ____________ . Though, I must tell you that her memorial service began some time ago. It started for each of you when you heard that she had died. It began when you thought of her and remembered her effect on your life. That was the beginning of ___________’s memorial service. This is merely the continuation. In our service today, there will be a time set aside for you to speak and share your memories and feelings. Or, if you prefer, you can write something down and I’ll read it for you. But, there will be time open for your words and thoughts. And, I want to tell you something from the outset. A funeral or a memorial service is never just a time to grieve a loss. And, it is never just a time to celebrate a life. It is always, both. So, if you find yourself smiling one moment, as you recall something pleasant or funny in __________’s life — and then crying the next moment as you think of missing her –that’s OK. It is good for you to laugh today. And it is good for you to cry. Let’s begin.