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FEB 2017, Counselor for Individual Work – Moving Through Illness and Into Life Beyond

Moving Through Illness and Into Life Beyond: a Holistic Approach

My Individual Work:

I work with people who seek empowerment as they move through illness or health conditions. I am passionate about supporting people to believe they know the way, intuitively, through the difficult terrain of illness. I can teach you how to use your heart-intelligence and intuitive-reasoning to find the right path for you. Only you have access to this wisdom. Working together, you and your professional health care providers can walk, arm-in-arm, towards your healing. This approach is compatible with any religion or philosophy.

My work is grounded in my original model, The Spirituality of Illness: Cracking Open, Accelerated Learning with Heart & Head, and Into Life Beyond. In addition to individual work, I conduct presentations on this model for organizations. These presentations go from 30 minutes to 3 hours and include the model description, stories, tools, and interactions with participants. My book, Spirituality of Illness, will be out soon.

As a nationally board certified hospital chaplain with 15 years of experience, a Unitarian-Universalist minister, and a former psychotherapist, I am uniquely qualified for this work. Please contact me any time to have a conversation on how I might serve you. I currently serve as a Night Chaplain at UnityPoint/Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI.

I see caregivers, family members, or providers. I can be reached at 608-286-5287 (cell) or My website is I see people at my office at The Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, Madison, WI.


*Board Certified Chaplain, Association of Professional Chaplains, Chicago; Association of Spiritual Caregivers, Madison, WI; Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Boston, Mass;
Unitarian Universalist Community Ministers Association;
Volunteer, Faith Against Domestic Violence Task Force of the Dane    County Domestic Violence Coordinated Committee (DVCCR)