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APRIL 2020 – Mystery to Me Bookstore Appearance

“The rose bushes needed pruning – except I couldn’t reach the right branches; my back was stiff where it used to be limber. I tried again. The headache from last night lingered, my chest braced against intermittent jabs and my emotions elbowed each other like odd shaped glass jars in a box.”

Thus begins my inspirational, illustrated book, Stopping By the Side of the Road: A Tale of Dying, 2015. The story is meant for those facing dying, in their own life or the life of a loved one. The main character, who is unnamed, journeys toward an unexpected turn in her road plus surprise company. I will have a new edition with copies for sale when I speak on the experience of dying with a companion at Mystery to Me, a local Madison bookstore, on April 16th.

I am a member of an author group called 2nd Act Writers. We will be the April 2020 group at Mystery to Me Bookstore’s “Local Author Slam” on Monroe Street in Madison, WI on April 16 at 7PM. Other local authors that evening will be firefighter novelist Greg Renz, mystic chaplain memoirist Kathy Collins and incarceration/artist witness memoir author Judy Adrian. More on each of them and their books in my next blog.

Blessings, Jody

Feb 14th, 2020