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June 2017, Breakthrough on Climate Consciousness

I am realizing that it is important that we hold the image of a healthy-climate-balanced-earth in our consciousness, as we act on the problems. If the only image we create with our minds is destructive-climate-change, then that image takes hold of us.

It is rather like the anti-war movement. Just that thought of “anti-war” brings up war. Mother Teresa used to say she would not attend anti-war rallies, but she would come to a peace rally.

So, daily in my prayer and meditation I have added images of planet earth where I am seeing, feeling, finding words for imagining all its living creatures and nature in healthy physical/spiritual balance with each other, as per the laws of evolutionary progress and health.

The event of my life that fits in this category is the fall of Berlin Wall. I grew up with the sense that the Wall was as inevitable as the Rocky Mountains. When it fell, it was miraculous to me. It still is.