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HAVING – DOING – BEING (adapted from Lester Levenson) August 2015


Having-Doing-Being, drawing by Jody Whelden.  

The Human Consciousness Movement is a contemporary field of  study which began with the spiritual revolution of the 1960’s. There are diverse teachings, ranging from the scientific/academic to the religious to the very playful. They each make their contribution and appeal to different people and different needs.

One consciousness teacher I have benefited from is Lester Levenson, the founder of The Sedona Method. This method is a pragmatic system for releasing yourself from limiting beliefs to live in the natural freedom of your true self. My drawing this month is my interpretation of his three levels of consciousness – having, doing and being. (see his audio tape for full lectures.*)  He says that about 95% of all people live in “Having Consciousness”, about 4-5% live in “Doing Consciousness” and up to 1% live in “Being Consciousness”. He teaches how to embrace “Being Consciousness.”

Summarized, these is my synopsis of his teachings from the lessons I have heard:
1. BEING – Living in intuition and your center; you have stopped identifying with your body or mind as yourself and you know you are all knowing in your intuition, with no attachments and no aversions; you are imperturbable. You are free.

2. DOING – Being master of world – moving out of being a victim. You are still wanting & that means you are in a sense of lack. If you are mastering the physical world, it is mastering you.

3. HAVING – Most common – your bank book and possessions. The more you have the more you are anxious and you are looking for security in what you have, but feeling less secure because others want to take it from them.

*Private Lessons with Lester Levenson-mp3, at